History of the American Manufacturing Industry

The history of US manufacturing is fascinating. Many cite Oliver’s Evans’ automatic flour mill, built way back in 1785, as the beginning of this industry, although the first factory was built by Samuel Slater in 1790 and this must of course be acknowledged. Evans, however, used what was the beginning of bulk handling mechanisms, with … Continue reading History of the American Manufacturing Industry


Car Of The Year

The Peugeot 208 has won first place in this year’s COTY (Car Of The Year) award. Despite stiff competition from Tesla and Porsche, the small yet chic edition from Peugeot won out. It’s offered in diesel, petrol, and electric forms, meaning that those who are concerned about green issues can also indulge with the mini … Continue reading Car Of The Year

An Abbreviated History of America’s Railways

Train travel in the USA has a long and interesting history. If you're travelling by train, take a moment to observe your surroundings both at the station as well as aboard the ‘iron horse’ itself. What do you know about them? The answer is, probably very little. Learning about the history of locomotion can add … Continue reading An Abbreviated History of America’s Railways

American History for Beginners

If you’ve not stopped to think about American history, then you’re missing out on something really interesting which can shed a whole new light on your neighborhood, town, or city. Although we have only existed as a nation since 1492, we’ve packed a whole lot of progress into that short time, evolving from a wild … Continue reading American History for Beginners