Car Of The Year

The Peugeot 208 has won first place in this year’s COTY (Car Of The Year) award.


Despite stiff competition from Tesla and Porsche, the small yet chic edition from Peugeot won out.

It’s offered in diesel, petrol, and electric forms, meaning that those who are concerned about green issues can also indulge with the mini motor.

Peugeot 208

Sixty judges from all across Europe gathered to discuss the selection of vehicles on show, from their hood design to their transmission bearings, finally selecting the 208 as the champion from a shortlist of just seven. Good news indeed for Peugeot, on the evening of what was supposed to be the opening evening of the Geneva Motor Show, sadly cancelled due to fears of Coronavirus. The COTY award has been in existence since 1964 – the Rover 200 won in that year – and is extremely prestigious.

Rover 2000 saloon


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