American History for Beginners

If you’ve not stopped to think about American history, then you’re missing out on something really interesting which can shed a whole new light on your neighborhood, town, or city.

Christopher Colombus

Although we have only existed as a nation since 1492, we’ve packed a whole lot of progress into that short time, evolving from a wild and dangerous frontier to the most powerful country in the world!

Although cowboys, the gold rush, the railroad system, etc. exist in the national imagination and are important facets of our culture and personality, the details of these fascinating features and events are often forgotten.


When you truly think about it and undertake a little research, you realize that we have a heck of a lot to thank our ancestors for!

Not to mention our forefathers. Here, we will find out more about who they were, and what they did to help make our country great.

american forefathers


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